Thursday, April 22, 2021

Ultrasound Evaluation and Injection Procedures: Knee Region

7:00-9:00PM ET                    MSK Ultrasound (Virtual)                 *Konica Minolta Business Solutions - 100 Williams Drive, Ramsey, NJ

*Please note that US Workshops have switched to a virtual/webinar platform until further notice.

This webinar will review the knee region injection procedures. The webinar will be a combination of didactic material specific to these injection procedures, actual videotaped examples of injection procedures (many of which are picture-in picture - show the probe/patient/physician positioning in one picture and the actual real time ultrasound Image in the other picture) and a simulated demonstration on a scanning model of the injection procedure set ups, Time will be provided for question and answer including repeat demonstration of an injection set up. The participant will receive a certificate of participation. Specific structures are listed below:

Knee: intra-articular injection via suprapatellar bursa and retropatellar approaches; quadriceps and patellar tendon PNT/PRP; prepatellar, superficial infrapatellar and deep infrapatellar bursa injections; patellofemoral ligament injection; Hoffa’s fat pad hydrodissection; saphenous nerve hydrodissection adductor tubercle & infrapatellar pes anserine bursa; MCL Pellegrini-Steida lesion; popliteus tendon sheath injection; MCL/LCL PRP; tib-fib joint injection and ganglion cyst aspiration; peroneal nerve hydrodissection at fibular tunnel, crural fascia and “knife edge”; PCL ganglion cyst aspiration; PCL PRP; posterior capsule hydrodissection; Bakers cyst aspiration and fenestration.


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